Cashing In On the TLC

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1) Cashing in on the Tax Lien Certificate: Introduction

Buying a tax lien certificates is one thing, but actually turning your investment into something profitable is something else completely. This course will walk you through turning your TLC into cold hard cash.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the next mini-course in our series about tax lien certificate investing. In this course, we’re going to talk about tips for cashing in on your tax lien certificate. You already know the methods, you know the exit strategies, let’s dive a little bit more into how you can be sure that you’re going to collect on your investment, no matter what your exit strategy is.


My name is Michael Decker. I’m a contributor to and, hopefully, you’ve heard my voice on a few of these videos, whether in this tax lien certificate mega-course or perhaps in a different video. What I share here is a mix of my friends’ experience and my own experience, investing in tax-delinquent properties.


So what are we going to go over in this course, “Tips for Cashing in on Your TLC”? Well, we have four awesome modules. Each one of these modules is going to go in depth on a different subject.


The first one is going to talk about the importance of staying organized. It’s not the most exciting subject, but it is incredibly important if you want to do this more than once. If you do want to do it on any sort of scale, you have to stay organized.


Module number two is going to talk about the process of foreclosing on a tax lien certificate.


Module number three is going to go into detail about building a team to help you. Once again, we’re starting to get out of the hobby investor, and closer and closer to that business side of doing things, right, where you’re not just doing this once or twice a year, but where you’re trying to get dozens of these tax lien certificates and, perhaps, working in multiple parts of the country. If you want to scale it up to that point which, really, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t scale it up to that point eventually, or at least set that as your goal, then you’re going to have to have a team work with you. And I’m not talking about employees, this is going to be more approaching it from the idea of subcontractors, okay?


And finally, in module number 4, we’re going to talk about how you can make money with a foreclosed property. The idea is, yeah, you can collect interest, but if you go after the property, once you get it in your name, how can you actually create income with this, whether steady income or a one-time check? A few ideas might be familiar to you, but we’re going to try to think a little bit outside the box and get you excited about some of the possibilities that are here.


So I think you’re really going to enjoy this course. We’ve definitely worked hard on it for you. So, by all means, stay with us. I’ll see you in the next module.

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