Cashing in on TLCs Before Other Investors

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1) Cashing in on TLCs Before Other Investors: Introduction

One of the drawbacks of investing in tax lien certificates is the long wait. But did you know that it’s possible to cash in on your TLC way before other investors? In this course, we’ll show you how.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the next mini-course in this big series about tax lien certificate investing. This one is awesome because we’re going to talk about getting to your profits more quickly and, in particular, using methods that other investors aren’t even aware of. We’re going to talk about how to cash in on your TLCs way earlier than other investors and, primarily, it’s going to have to do with reaching out to the owners of the property. My name is Michael Decker, I’m a contributor to, and, you know, you’ve probably heard my voice on a few other videos.


So what is it that we’re actually going to learn in this course about cashing in on your TLCs earlier than everyone else?


Well, in the first module we’re going to go into contacting the property owner, everything from getting their information, to the approach and the conversation that you should have with them, how you should treat them.


The second module is going to talk about property analysis. In other words, how can you decide how much money to offer the person for their property?


Then, we’re going to have a look at the process of closing on a property that you’ve purchased directly from the owner.


And finally, errors to avoid when buying tax-delinquent properties.


So this is going to be an awesome module, we’re going to go into tons of details, and we’re going to be looking at lots of different methods and actionable steps that you can take after you go through these modules. So, by all means, please stay with us.

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