Real Estate With No Tenants or Toilets

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01 The Basics You Must Know About Investing in Land

Real estate investing has been the subject of many reality shows, mostly fixing and flipping houses. But does the idea of repairing houses and managing rental properties scare you? Then maybe investing in vacant land is a good option.

This course talks about investing in real estate without many of the common complications that hold investors back. Land investing is awesome, and after watching this course you’ll agree.

Hi! My name is Jack Bosch and welcome from Hawaii. So first of all, congratulations for requesting to receive this seven part video training class from me. You did the right thing. Over the next seven days I will be sending you one video module a day explaining to you exactly how the Ultimate Land Lottery works and how land investing works. So basically we’re talking about land investing 101.


Now my name is Jack Bosch, as I said, in this video right now – in the first video that’s coming to you from the beautiful beach of Hawaii here where I’m spending a full month with my family chilling out and having a good time thanks to the profits that the land business has been able to give me and soon will be able to give you too.


I decided to create this seven day course right here on the shores of Hawaii. In this first session what we are going to talk about is basically the fundamentals of land investing. Like why land? Right, why not land? Some of it about the terminology about land and so on. Then in module two we’re going to jump into the actual land investing process step-by-step.


First of all a quick word about me, let me introduce myself. Like I said my name is Jack, I’m originally not from the United States, I’m originally from Germany. I came over here in 1997 to the United States, literally just armed with two suitcases, a bunch of student debt and that’s it.


After I finished my college degree and after I started investing in real estate I actually got my first land deal done. The first acceptance I received was on Christmas day 2002 and then the deal closed in January of 2003. Since then I’ve done over 3,200 real estate deals worth over $35 million as a principal, not as an agent or anything like that as well. The vast majority of them have been land deals, have been very profitable land deals. In this video I’m going to share with you exactly how to do that.


As I said fast forward a bunch of years, and since the end of 2002 I’ve done over 3,200 deals. That reminds me that as you learn from people, then check out their claims, check out what they’re doing today. Because as a matter of fact many people say, you know what they’ve done certain things or many people just teach you and then never say what they have done.


Now I will show you later on in the seven day course actual proof of my deals that I’ve done. I was going to show you my filing cabinets with deal after deal after deal after deal and there’s tons of filing cabinets full of them because, I mean 3,200 deals adds up to quite a few filing cabinets, right? So I’ll share with you all of these deals, the recorded deeds, and so on because whenever you learn from somebody, you want to make sure that that person doesn’t just talk the talk but also walks the walk. So I’ve done 3,200 deals, I’ll show you the proof of them and I’m also doing deals right now too. I have deals in the works as we speak, and I got sales in the works as we speak.


Now let’s move forward, after having said that, into the land flipping or land investing 101. Now first of all the first question everyone asks me is like, “Jack, why land?” Well very simple. The number one reason why I like land is that it doesn’t have the three T’s. Now, what are the three T’s? There’s no tenants, there’s no toilets and there’s no termites.


It’s very simple. There’s nothing to worry about. There’s no tenants that call you at midnight, there’s no toilets that can break and that need to be repaired (or it stands for everything, anything in the house that can break), and there’s no termites. As a matter of fact there actually are termites, but that’s a natural habitat – that’s where they live and that’s just fine. They don’t bug you, you don’t bug them all right? They don’t cause any harm.


Also there’s no maintenance on land. As a matter of fact I currently own somewhere around 200 pieces of land, many of which I have no intention of selling anytime soon, and guess what? It takes me absolutely no time to maintain them. Now, compare that with housing. You always got to maintain a house, you always gonna do something there and you don’t with land.


And here’s the number one myth about land. People say you should stay away from land because land doesn’t cash flow. I’m here to tell you that land can cash flow. I’ll share with you in this seven part video training exactly how you can make land cash flow. As a matter of fact, I have land cash flow to the tune of several tens of thousands of dollars a month and it’s a great thing that it’s like that, right?


Also, land has very little competition. Why? Everyone goes after houses, right? People are like herd animals, right? Everyone goes after houses and those things, yet that’s a wonderful thing because it leaves all the land available for us.


The last reason why I love land is that land, there’s deals a way that you have never seen deals like that before. As a matter of fact, you can buy properties literally for $100, for about as much as it takes you and your family to go for dinner, and turn it around and make that into several thousands and even more when you flip these properties.


How you make money? What do you do with land? Very simple, when you buy a piece of land, afterwards you just either sell it for cash, you sell with seller financing or you develop it, flip it, I mean split it, rezone it or do any of those kind of things.


By the way, if you see me using these handouts here, well I made myself some notes of what I do not want to forget to teach you in these seven modules. So therefore I hope it’s okay that I sometimes go and check them out from here.


But let me quickly make a statement. Land flipping, land investing is not a get quick rich scheme. It requires for you to actually do a little bit of work. But it has been around forever, I mean what was there before there was houses? Anywhere in the world it was land. What does happen when people came to the United States? There was the big land rush, right? There was the Louisiana Land Purchase or whatever, they went, they lined up, and everyone could put their stake into the ground.


Land is the ultimate investment method there is out there. And in my Ultimate Land Lottery program here, I’m sharing with you how you can take land and make it so risk free that you literally have virtual guaranteed to make profit on your deals. Because I’m going to share with you how you can buy properties for 5 to 25 cents on the dollar and turn around and sell them in a matter of a just few days for 5 or 10 times as much – again, at least for twice as much, that’s the absolute minimum you should be selling a property for.


Now one of the questions I always get is that, “Jack, if this is so great why doesn’t everyone do it?” Well because there are myths out there about land investing. People think that land investing is risky, that land investing is only something for the rich and you know what? That’s true for the multi-million dollar lots in downtown L.A., downtown Phoenix, downtown Washington, downtown Honolulu for that matter — since I’m here in Hawaii — wherever it is, that’s true for those lots. It’s high risk because you’re buying at market value and then you do in a sense a development speculation game.


It’s not high risk if you buy properties that are worth thousands or tens of thousands dollars if you buy them for 5 to 25 cents on the dollar. So therefore, it’s not high risk. Also, why isn’t everyone doing it? Because people don’t know, people don’t think about it. Everyone goes after the shiny penny that everyone advertises which is houses, yet land is the ultimate investment method out there.


Also there is nobody that really other than me, I believe, that actually out there teaches how to do this. Most people teach house investing, commercial investment, things like that and there’s no investment house like the Charles Schwab’s of this world that ever recommends you buy land. Why? Because they do not get a commission on their properties. They do not get a commission. If they refer you to somebody, say like you should take some of your IRA money invest in land. Well it does not make sense for them because they do not get paid a commission for it.


So therefore nobody talks about it and that is actually a wonderful, wonderful thing because that leaves the entire land market up for you and me and us. So it’s a win-win. It’s a win for the owner that gets rid of the properties because there’s many people who don’t want their property anymore, and gets rid of the burden of property ownership. And it’s a win for you and also, as a matter of fact, if somebody truly doesn’t want their property anymore, in some cases they have stopped paying their property taxes. By you buying this property, paying off the property taxes, the county gets their money back and the county is happy too.


Now what are the kinds of land that you can buy? In my opinion, there are five kinds of land that you can invest in. There’s residential infill lots, there’s commercial lots, there’s rural lots, meaning lots in more rural areas, and there’s rural acreage, bigger acreage that you get on the outskirts of town in rural areas. And there’s also completely improved lots in neighborhoods or even entire subdivisions that are already completely developed, particularly in the environment right now where a lot of the developers went down, where a lot of the banks hold entire big holdings. There’s a whole bunch of bank owned properties land, completely improved properties.


Dozens and hundreds of developments with 10, 20, 50 or 100 lots where the investors, the developers initially put in $50-100,000 in actual improvements and you can buy these properties now for pennies on the dollar.


So these are the different ways that you can invest in land and we’ll cover them, we’ll talk much more in detail about them. As a matter of fact, in the next video I’ll show you how to actually go about the investment process. But now I would like for you to do something. I would like you to go below the video and actually put in the comments what is the greatest take away that you got from this video? What is the greatest piece of insight that you got from this video? Perhaps what is the greatest misconception that you had that is cleared up from this video and also what is your number one question that you have about land investing? And then I see you in the next video.


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